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The birthday boy or girl loves games? But you want to add a personal touch to your gift? Choose a customised game from this collection!

Use our custom wedding games from invitations to party games, as gifts for bride and groom and to immortalise the wedding pictures.

Our MAIN MENU is the best way to find the right type of game for many other gift occasions.

Games for business customers

  • Corporate gifts for employees and others

  • Give-Aways for trade shows and corporate events

  • Games for training purposes

  • Merchandising games

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Find the right customised games


Type of game

LUUDOO allows you to customise some of the best known board game classics like chess, backgammon, draughts and others. Played across the globe these make for classy gifts for many occasions.

Customised card games are a winning gift: Easily done, with space for many pictures, very popular and universally appreciated as a unique gift.

Our MAIN MENU allows you to filter for many other types of customised games.

Gift recipient

Create a customised children's game to not only delight your kids, but to make sure that photos of far-away friends and family stay part of their everyday life.

Which granny or gran whould not much rather be kicked out of game by a grandchilde wielding a customised pawn printed with their own face...

Our MAIN MENU offers further options to narrow down which customised game to choose for which gift recipient.

All other

Use the MAIN MENU for many other ways to find the right customised game for your purpose!

Should you not be able to find the game you are looking for, please contact us at

We are game enthusiasts. And we think the time invested in creating a unique gift is worth a thousand times the price tag of whatever you pick from a shelf. Hence LUUDOO.

We are also quite small. But we consider that a plus rather than a minus, because it allows us to do exactly as we like, and not as the market or some investors dictate.

Wolfram Kosch, Founder of LUUDOO